Buying Materials

I offer all standard kit needed in classes and workshops to buy on the day. I am cheaper than the main high street shops and most internet shops I only use quality products I would use myself and I source these from a company called the SAA.

I'm an experienced artist I know what you need and more importantly what you don't! Many students who start drawing and painting make mistakes in what they buy, often buying lots more than they need, i.e. 1 good brush is worth 10 varying sized brushes in a set. You can get a good quality watercolour kit for about £40 that would get you started.

As a professional member of the SAA I offer all my students a chance to find products they want on the SAA website, at members price, just find the product you want and email or write down the details and I'll get it for you.


I do this for 2 reasons, I gain commission on products I sell in the form of discount, this helps me experiment with new materials and subsequently introduce them to the class, varying what we learn. I also know if I sell the products and paper I use, my students will find it easy to source and get the same effects when painting as me.

I also offer a present service for Birthdays/Christmas just tell me an amount you would like to spend and I'll find a art related present that I know that student would like and needs!